Unlock the Secrets of Luigi’s Mansion 3: Tips and Tricks for Mastering the Game

Discover the hidden Luigi’s Mansion 3 secrets to unlock new levels and power-ups. From secret rooms to hidden gems, our guide will help you uncover all the hidden treasures in this spooky adventure game. Explore new areas, defeat ghosts, and uncover hidden clues to unlock the secrets of Luigi’s Mansion 3. Get ready to uncover the mysteries of this haunted mansion and become the ultimate ghost hunter.

Master Luigi’s Mansion 3 with These Expert Tips and Tricks: Uncover the Secrets of the Spooky Adventure

Luigi’s Mansion 3, the latest addition to the popular franchise, is an exciting and mysterious adventure featuring everyone’s favorite green-clad plumber. This time around, Luigi finds himself trapped in a haunted hotel, armed only with his trusty Poltergust ghost-sucking vacuum.

As in previous games in the series, Luigi’s Mansion 3 offers a combination of exploration, puzzle-solving, and combat, all set in a spooky and immersive environment. But with new features like the Gooigi character and the ability to play as Luigi’s friends in cooperative multiplayer mode, the game offers even more depth and challenges for gamers to master.

If you’re looking to get the most out of Luigi’s Mansion 3, you’ll need to hone your skills and strategies. In this article, we’ll provide you with tips and tricks to help you navigate the game’s twists and turns, defeat the boss ghosts, and uncover all the secrets hidden within the haunted hotel.

Exploring the Haunted Mansion

Luigi’s Mansion 3 takes place in a vast, spooky hotel with many rooms and secret areas to explore. As you progress through the game, you’ll encounter all sorts of ghosts and puzzles that will test your skills. To master the game, it’s important to explore each area thoroughly, gathering clues and items that will help you progress.

One helpful tip when exploring the haunted mansion is to pay attention to your surroundings. Look for hidden passages, objects that can be interacted with, and clues that will help you solve puzzles. Don’t be afraid to backtrack and explore areas you’ve already visited, as you may have missed something important the first time around.

Another important aspect of exploring the mansion is learning to use your various tools effectively. For example, Luigi’s new Poltergust G-00 has a variety of functions that can be used to capture ghosts and interact with the environment. Experiment with each of these functions to see how they can be used in different situations.

Finally, be prepared for the unexpected when exploring the haunted mansion. You never know what sort of tricks and traps the game designers have in store for you, so always be on your guard and ready for anything. With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to unlocking all the secrets of Luigi’s Mansion 3.

Essential Tools for Progression

Flashlight and Strobulb

The flashlight is essential for exploring the dark corners of the haunted hotel. Use it to reveal hidden objects and ghosts, and always keep it charged by holding down the A button. The Strobulb, which is unlocked later in the game, can stun and reveal even the toughest ghosts.

Poltergust G-00

The trusty Poltergust G-00 is Luigi’s main tool for capturing ghosts. Hold down the left trigger to suck up objects and charge up the Poltergust by holding down the right trigger. Once the Poltergust is charged, use it to capture ghosts by pulling in the opposite direction of their movements.

Dark-Light Device

The Dark-Light Device is unlocked early on in the game and is useful for revealing hidden objects and ghosts. Shine it on invisible objects or hidden areas to make them visible or reveal trapped ghosts.

Suction Shot

The Suction Shot is unlocked after defeating the third boss and is used to break objects or pull down obstacles. Aim it at objects with a red circle and press the A button to fire.


Gooigi is a helpful companion who can be unlocked early on in the game. He can slip through grates and fences, as well as access areas that Luigi cannot. Switch between Luigi and Gooigi by pressing the right stick in.

Boo Radar

The Boo Radar can be collected in Professor E. Gadd’s lab and helps locate the elusive Boo ghosts hidden throughout the hotel. Follow the beeping sound to track them down and capture them with the Poltergust G-00.

Tricks for Tackling Tough Bosses

Luigi’s Mansion 3 has some challenging boss battles that can leave players feeling frustrated and defeated. But don’t give up just yet! With these tricks, you can defeat even the toughest bosses:

  • Study their patterns: Each boss has a unique attack pattern that you need to learn. Observe their movements and figure out when it’s safe to attack and when you should dodge.
  • Use the right weapon: Some bosses are vulnerable to certain weapons like the strobulb or the suction shot. Experiment with different weapons until you find the one that works best for each boss.
  • Stay mobile: Don’t stay in one place for too long. Keep moving around the arena to avoid getting hit and to find better angles to attack.
  • Watch your health: Keep an eye on your health bar and make sure to use a healing item when necessary. You don’t want to get caught off guard by a boss’s attack while you’re low on health.
  • Use your team: Don’t forget about your trusty team of Gooigi and the Polterpup. They can help you in battle by distracting bosses or helping you reach certain areas of the arena.

By using these tricks, you’ll be well-equipped to take down any boss that comes your way in Luigi’s Mansion 3. Don’t let the challenge discourage you – with practice and patience, you can become a boss-battling master!

Mastering Treasure Hunting and Collectibles

Luigi’s Mansion 3 offers a plethora of treasure hunting opportunities that can earn you valuable gems and collectibles. The game has multiple floors with hidden treasures, which are not only fun to collect but also contribute to your overall score. Here are some tips to help you master treasure hunting in Luigi’s Mansion 3:

  • Explore every nook and cranny: The game is designed in such a way that there are hidden gems and collectibles in almost every area. Make sure to check every corner, behind every piece of furniture, and inside every object. You never know what you might come across.
  • Use your Dark Light: The Dark Light is a handy tool that reveals hidden objects in the environment. Make sure to use it in every room you enter, as it might uncover hidden gems and collectibles.
  • Capture ghosts: Capturing ghosts earns you precious money that you can use to buy items such as the gem finder, which helps you locate hidden gems. So make sure to capture as many ghosts as you can to maximize your earnings.
  • Complete challenges: Each floor has unique challenges that can earn you gems and collectibles. Make sure to complete these challenges as they are a great way to boost your treasure hunting score.
  • Use Gooigi: Gooigi is a unique character that can access areas that Luigi can’t. Use Gooigi to explore hidden passages and rooms that might contain gems and collectibles.

By following these tips, you can become a master treasure hunter in Luigi’s Mansion 3 and uncover all the hidden treasures the game has to offer.

Fine-Tuning Your Ghost-Busting Strategies

If you’re struggling to capture the pesky ghosts in Luigi’s Mansion 3, don’t worry! With a few adjustments to your strategy, you’ll be a ghost-busting pro in no time!

Use Different Light Modes

One of the keys to capturing ghosts is to use your flashlight wisely. Make sure to try out different modes – the strobe light mode will stun ghosts and the dark light mode will reveal hidden objects and ghosts.

Teamwork is Key

Luigi isn’t alone in his mansion adventure. Make sure to use Gooigi and the other abilities of your ghost dog, Polterpup, to your advantage. For example, Gooigi can walk on spikes and Polterpup can dig up hidden items.

Observe Ghosts’ Patterns

Each ghost in the game has its own unique pattern and weaknesses. Take time to observe their movements and habits before attempting to capture them. This will give you a greater chance of success.

Upgrade Your Equipment

Finally, don’t forget to take advantage of equipment upgrades. The more money you collect, the more you can upgrade your abilities, such as increasing your flashlight power or vacuum suction.

Quick Tips
Tip Description
1 Don’t forget to suck up the ghost orbs for extra money.
2 Watch out for traps and obstacles in the environment.
3 Use your strobe light to stun ghosts and make them easier to capture.

Frequently Asked Question:

What are some of the secrets in Luigi’s Mansion 3?

Some of the secrets in Luigi’s Mansion 3 include hidden gems, Boo locations, and secret rooms.

Where can I find all of the hidden gems in Luigi’s Mansion 3?

Hidden gems can be found in various locations throughout the game, such as inside furniture and on walls. It’s important to use Luigi’s Poltergust G-00 to suck up everything in each room to reveal hidden gems.

How many Boos are in Luigi’s Mansion 3?

There are a total of 16 Boos to be found in Luigi’s Mansion 3.

What is the Boo Radar and how do I use it?

The Boo Radar is a tool that helps you locate Boos hidden in each floor of the hotel. To use it, simply press the right stick down and the Boo Radar will activate.

What are the rewards for finding all of the Boos?

Once you find all of the Boos, you’ll receive a special treasure and the achievement “Boo Finder Extraordinaire”.

How do I access the secret rooms in Luigi’s Mansion 3?

Secret rooms can be accessed by interacting with objects in the environment, such as bookshelves and paintings. Use the Poltergust G-00 to reveal hidden paths and rooms.

Is there a secret boss in Luigi’s Mansion 3?

Yes, there is a secret boss located on the 14th floor of the hotel.

What is the best way to defeat the secret boss?

The best way to defeat the secret boss is to use the Poltergust G-00 to suck up the boss’s projectiles and then use them against it. Keep moving around the room to avoid its attacks and repeat the process until it’s defeated.

What is the golden mouse and why is it important?

The golden mouse is a rare type of mouse that appears throughout the game. They’re important because catching them all will unlock a special achievement and a valuable treasure.

Can I still find secrets after completing the game?

Yes, there are still secrets to be found even after completing the game. Keep exploring each floor to find hidden gems, Boos, and other treasures that you may have missed on your first playthrough.

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