Mafia 3 Guide: How to Assign and Conquer Districts Like a Boss

Looking to take on the criminal underworld of New Bordeaux in Mafia 3? Assigning districts is a crucial step towards gaining control and taking on rival gangs. From setting up lucrative rackets to gaining valuable intel, this process is essential to your success. Read on for a comprehensive guide on how to effectively assign districts in Mafia 3 and make your mark on the city.

Mafia 3 Mastery: A Boss Guide to Dominating and Assigning Districts with Ease

If you are a fan of the Mafia game series, then you are already aware of the challenge to take over the districts of New Bordeaux in Mafia 3. This game introduces a new feature that allows you to assign districts to your underbosses, giving you more control over your criminal empire. However, if you want to become the boss of the city, you need to know how to conquer and assign districts like a true Mafia boss.

In this guide, we will walk you through the essential steps to assigning and conquering districts like a boss. We will cover everything from unlocking underbosses, to assigning them to districts, and finally taking control of that district. Whether you are a new player or a seasoned Mafia veteran, you will find valuable information to help you take over the city.

So, put on your best suit and get ready to become the ultimate boss of New Bordeaux!

Understanding the District System

In Mafia 3, the city of New Bordeaux is divided into ten districts. Each district is controlled by one of the game’s main antagonists. To complete the game, you must take down these antagonists and seize control of their respective districts.

To take down an antagonist and conquer their district, you must first weaken their control over the area. This can be done by completing missions, sabotaging their operations, and killing their lieutenants.

Once the antagonist’s control over the district has been weakened enough, you will be given the option to confront them in a final showdown. Winning this showdown will result in the antagonist’s defeat and your acquisition of their district.

It’s important to note that once you conquer a district, it’s not automatically yours forever. You must assign a lieutenant to run the district for you. The more effective the lieutenant, the more money and resources the district will produce for you.

Understanding the district system is crucial to successfully conquering New Bordeaux and becoming the boss of the underworld.

Assigning Districts

One of the key mechanics in Mafia 3 is the ability to assign districts to your lieutenants, which will boost their loyalty and give you access to unique perks and bonuses. To assign a district, you first need to locate it on the map and start a mission to take it over. Once you’ve completed the mission, the district will become available for assignment.

To assign a district, open your map and select the district you want to assign. Then, select the lieutenant you want to assign it to. Each lieutenant has their own set of perks and bonuses, so choose wisely based on your playstyle and preferences. You can also see how assigning a specific district will affect the overall power balance in the city.

  • Assigning districts strategically: It’s important to assign districts strategically to maximize their benefits. For example, assigning a district to a lieutenant who specializes in smuggling will increase your earnings from that district. Assigning a district to a lieutenant who specializes in combat will make it easier to defend from rival gangs.
  • Increasing loyalty: Assigning districts to your lieutenants will also increase their loyalty to you. This means they will be more willing to help you in battle and will be less likely to betray you in the future.
  • Managing your empire: Assigning and managing districts is a key part of building your criminal empire in Mafia 3. By choosing the right lieutenants and assigning districts strategically, you can build a powerful and efficient organization that can take on any enemy.

Overall, assigning districts is a crucial mechanic in Mafia 3 that can greatly affect your gameplay experience. Choose your lieutenants wisely and assign districts strategically to make the most of their perks and bonuses.

Conquering Districts

Conquering districts is one of the main gameplay elements of Mafia 3. To progress through the story, you need to take control of different areas of the city and eliminate the rival gangs one by one.

Each district has a different boss and objective, and requires a certain level of notoriety before the boss will appear. You can increase your notoriety by completing missions, killing gang members, and causing chaos in the streets.

Once you reach the required notoriety level, you can confront the district boss. This will trigger a mission where you need to eliminate the boss and all of their underlings.

After you defeat the boss, you will take control of the district and can assign it to one of your underbosses. Each underboss has a different special ability and benefits, so choose wisely based on your gameplay style.

Assigning districts to your underbosses will also earn you money and resources, which you can use to upgrade your weapons, vehicles, and safehouses.

After the Takeover

Once you’ve successfully assigned a district to one of your underbosses, it’s time to reap the rewards and set your sights on the next one. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Check in regularly: Don’t forget to check in on your districts and make sure everything is running smoothly. You can do this by accessing the map and selecting the district in question.
  • Continue leveling up: Assigning districts to your underbosses will earn you valuable experience points that can be used to level up Lincoln and unlock new abilities.
  • Don’t neglect racket bosses: While your focus may be on assigning districts to underbosses, don’t forget about the individual racket bosses within each district. Taking them out will weaken the overall power structure of the district.
  • Defend your turf: Once you’ve taken over a district, rival gangs will occasionally attempt to take it back. Make sure to defend your turf by taking out any attacking gang members.

Remember, the ultimate goal is to take down the Italian Mafia and seize control of New Bordeaux. Use your strategic skills to assign districts and conquer them like a true boss.

Frequently Asked Question:

How do I assign districts in Mafia 3?

To assign districts in Mafia 3, you need to complete missions and take over enemy territories in each district until the boss is defeated. Once the district is under your control, it will become available to assign to one of your three underbosses.

What are the benefits of assigning districts in Mafia 3?

Assigning districts allows you to earn money and resources from the district’s businesses, control the criminal activities in that area, and gain the loyalty of your underbosses. It also unlocks district-specific perks that can be used to give you an advantage in combat or other situations.

Can I assign the same district to multiple underbosses in Mafia 3?

No, each district can only be assigned to one underboss at a time. Once a district is assigned to an underboss, it cannot be reassigned until that underboss has been dealt with in some way (either through betraying them or killing them).

What happens if I don’t assign any districts in Mafia 3?

If you don’t assign any districts, your underbosses will become unhappy and potentially betray you. Additionally, you will miss out on the benefits of having control over those districts, such as earning money and resources.

Can I assign districts in any order I want in Mafia 3?

Yes, you can assign districts in any order you want in Mafia 3 as long as they are available to be assigned (meaning that you have completed the necessary missions and taken over the necessary territories).

What determines which underboss I should assign a district to in Mafia 3?

The underboss you assign a district to in Mafia 3 should depend on their loyalty to you, their strengths and weaknesses (such as combat abilities or connections), and your overall strategy for taking over the city.

Can I switch which underboss a district is assigned to in Mafia 3?

Yes, you can switch which underboss a district is assigned to in Mafia 3 by going to the “districts” tab in the menu and selecting “manage territories.” From there, you can unassign a district from one underboss and assign it to another.

What happens if I lose control of a district in Mafia 3?

If you lose control of a district in Mafia 3, you will need to retake it by completing missions and taking over enemy territories again before you can assign it to an underboss. Additionally, losing a district may cause your underbosses to become unhappy and potentially betray you.

How many districts are there in Mafia 3?

There are 10 districts in Mafia 3, each with its own unique businesses and criminal activities that can be taken over and controlled.

Are there any consequences for assigning districts to certain underbosses in Mafia 3?

Assigning districts to certain underbosses in Mafia 3 can have consequences depending on their background and relationships with other characters in the game. For example, assigning a district to Vito Scaletta may anger Cassandra, whereas assigning a district to Cassandra may anger Vito. These consequences can impact your overall strategy for taking over the city and the loyalty of your underbosses.

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