Fall Guys Falters: Server Issues Plague Free-to-Play Release

Experience the frustrations of Fall Guys’ server issues during its highly anticipated free-to-play launch. Learn about the technical difficulties and ongoing efforts to address them in this article.

Fall Guys Free-to-Play Release Suffers from Server Issues: Here’s What You Need to Know


Fall Guys, the multiplayer game that took the internet by storm, has recently launched its free-to-play version on PC and PlayStation 4. While the game was a massive hit during its initial release, the free-to-play release has not come without its fair share of problems. Players all over the world have been reporting server issues, causing immense frustration and disappointment among the community.

The Premise

For the uninitiated, Fall Guys is a battle royale-style multiplayer game where players control clumsy blob-like creatures, navigating them through various obstacle courses. The game’s format allows for up to 60 players to compete in a single match. The last surviving player is the winner, receiving a virtual crown and bragging rights.

Server Issues

Although the game has been praised for its addictive gameplay, the free-to-play release has been plagued with server issues. Many players have reported getting kicked from matches because the servers are overloaded, or being disconnected from the game entirely. The servers have also been experiencing significant lag, making it even more challenging for players to compete fairly.


While the developers have acknowledged the issues and are working towards a solution, the server problems have caused frustration and disappointment among players. The game’s free-to-play model was an open invitation for new players to try the game, but the server issues have made it challenging for the community to enjoy the game’s format fully. Needless to say, the developers will need to act fast to rectify the server issues to keep players engaged and ensure the game’s continued success.

Server Issues Cause Frustration

Fall Guys, the popular online multiplayer game, has recently released a free-to-play version on PlayStation 4 and PC. While its popularity continues to grow, players are experiencing frustration due to server issues.

Players are reporting that they are having difficulty connecting to servers, frequent disconnections, and long wait times to enter games. Some players have even reported losing their in-game progress due to these server issues.

Developer Mediatonic has acknowledged the server issues and has stated that they are working to resolve them as quickly as possible. However, with the game’s sudden surge in popularity, the server issues may take some time to fully resolve.

The frustration caused by server issues can lead to a negative player experience. This can have a detrimental effect on player retention and potential revenue for the game and its developers. Fans are hopeful that the issues will be resolved soon so they can continue to enjoy the game without any interruptions or setbacks.

Developer Addresses Concerns

The team behind Fall Guys has acknowledged the ongoing server issues that have plagued the free-to-play game since its release earlier this month. In a statement released on their official Twitter account, the developers explained that the game’s unexpected popularity had put a strain on their servers.

“We’re aware of the server issues that have been affecting Fall Guys since launch and are working around the clock to address them,” the statement read. “We never expected such a huge influx of players and are doing everything we can to keep up with the demand.”

Despite the issues, the developers have been praised for their transparency and willingness to engage with the community. They have been keeping fans updated through social media and have promised to provide regular updates on their progress.

Many players have also expressed their support for the developers, recognizing that these issues are a testament to the game’s overwhelming success. As one player wrote on Twitter, “I’m willing to forgive the server issues because Fall Guys is just so damn fun to play.”

The developers have advised players to check their social media channels for updates on the server situation. They have also promised to reward players with in-game items as a gesture of thanks for their patience and support.

Community Response

The release of Fall Guys for free on PlayStation Plus caused excitement among gamers, but many were quickly met with frustration due to server issues that plagued its launch. The community response has been mixed, with some expressing disappointment in the lack of preparedness from the developers and others sympathizing with the difficult task of handling such a large influx of players.

Some players are calling for more transparency and communication from the developers, while others are simply waiting patiently for the issues to be resolved. Many have taken to social media to share their experiences and frustrations, with hashtags like #FallGuys, #FallGuysServer, and #FallGuysFail trending on Twitter.

Despite the issues, there are still many fans of the game who are excited to play and support the developers. Some are even using the downtime to speculate about future updates and features, discussing ideas like new game modes and customizations.

Overall, the community response to the server issues in Fall Guys has been mixed, but dedicated players are hopeful that the developers will work to resolve the issues and provide a better experience for everyone.

Potential Impact on Future Updates

The recent server issues plaguing the release of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout are not only frustrating for players, but they are also potentially damaging for the future of the game. With new updates and content planned, it is imperative that the developers at Mediatonic address these problems quickly and effectively to maintain the interest and satisfaction of their player base.

If these issues persist, there is a risk that players will lose interest in the game and abandon it altogether, ultimately resulting in a decline in revenue for the developers. It is essential for Mediatonic to work tirelessly to ensure that the game runs smoothly for all players, regardless of their location and hardware.

In addition to this, server issues can also impact the ability of the developers to roll out new updates and content. If the servers are not functioning correctly, it can delay the release of new features and levels, which can lead to player frustration and disappointment.

It is for these reasons that the developers at Mediatonic must prioritize fixing these server issues and ensuring the stability of the game for all players. Only then can they continue to provide new and engaging content that will keep players coming back for more.

Frequently Asked Question:

What are the server issues that Fall Guys is facing?

Fall Guys is facing server issues after the game went free-to-play. Many players are experiencing long wait times to find a match or getting disconnected from their game.

Is the server issue affecting all platforms of Fall Guys?

Yes, the server issue is affecting all platforms of Fall Guys including PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

What is causing the server issues in Fall Guys?

The exact cause of the server issues in Fall Guys is unknown, but it is likely due to the surge of new players after the game became free-to-play.

Are the developers of Fall Guys aware of the server issues?

Yes, the developers of Fall Guys have acknowledged the server issues and are working to resolve them as quickly as possible.

How long has Fall Guys been experiencing server issues since the free-to-play relaunch?

Fall Guys has been experiencing server issues since the free-to-play relaunch on August 4th, 2021.

Are there any temporary solutions to the server issues in Fall Guys?

Some players have reported that restarting their game or console can temporarily resolve the server issues in Fall Guys.

What steps are the developers of Fall Guys taking to resolve the server issues?

The developers of Fall Guys are working to optimize their servers, increase capacity, and implement fixes to resolve the server issues.

How many players have been affected by the server issues in Fall Guys?

It is currently unknown how many players have been affected by the server issues in Fall Guys, but it is likely a significant portion of the player base.

Has there been any estimated time for the server issues to be fully resolved in Fall Guys?

No, there has been no estimated time for the server issues to be fully resolved in Fall Guys, but the developers are working to resolve them as quickly as possible.

What compensation will be provided to players affected by the server issues in Fall Guys?

The developers of Fall Guys have not yet announced any plans for compensation to players affected by the server issues.

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