Embark on a Sky-High Adventure with Come Fly with Me Fallout New Vegas

Experience adventure and excitement in the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Fallout New Vegas. Join us as we explore the unique world of the Come Fly With Me quest, where you’ll encounter strange cultists, mutated creatures, and explosive action. Follow our guide and uncover the secrets of the REPCONN Rocket Facility, as you assist the Bright Followers in their quest to reach the stars. Don’t miss out on this thrilling journey – come fly with us in Fallout New Vegas.

Explore the Thrilling Heights with Come Fly with Me in Fallout New Vegas

Are you ready to explore the skies of post-apocalyptic Nevada? Look no further than the thrilling quest, “Come Fly with Me” in Fallout New Vegas. This quest takes players on a high-flying adventure to investigate strange happenings at the REPCONN Aerospace Museum and its accompanying launch facility.

As you embark on your journey, you will encounter a cast of intriguing characters each with their own motivations and secrets. Will you assist the stranded ghouls and help them achieve their goal of reaching “The Far Beyond”? Or will you betray them in favor of the corporate interests at play?

One thing is for certain, “Come Fly with Me” offers players an unforgettable experience high above the Mojave Wasteland with unique challenges and rewards. So buckle up and get ready for takeoff with this thrilling quest in Fallout New Vegas.

Discover the Exciting World of Come Fly with Me

Looking for a thrilling adventure unlike any other in the Mojave Wasteland? Look no further than Come Fly with Me, the latest expansion for Fallout New Vegas. With this add-on, you’ll embark on a sky-high journey that will take you to the far reaches of the wasteland and beyond.

Join the ghoulish members of the Bright Brotherhood as they attempt to launch their rockets into the stratosphere. Along the way, you’ll encounter unique challenges, meet new characters, and discover hidden treasures. Will you be brave enough to join them on their mission?

Prepare for a high-flying adventure filled with perilous battles and heart-pumping thrills. With stunning new visuals and dynamic gameplay, Come Fly with Me is sure to be a blast for all Fallout fans. So pack your bags and get ready to soar into the unknown!

  • Explore new landscapes and environments in the Mojave Wasteland
  • Encounter new types of enemies and allies
  • Uncover hidden treasures and secrets
  • Battle your way through challenging missions and quests

Explore the Fascinating Storyline of Come Fly with Me

Come Fly with Me is a quest in Fallout New Vegas that challenges the player to explore the depths of the Mojave Wasteland. Taking place in the town of Novac, players must investigate the strange occurrences happening at the nearby Repconn Aerospace Museum.

The storyline behind Come Fly with Me is intricately woven and fascinating. The quest centers around a group of ghouls who are attempting to make their way to the “far beyond” by means of a rocket. As the player investigates, they will encounter a cast of interesting characters, including a cult leader, a frantic ghoul technician, and a VIP guest who may not be all that he seems.

The player must use their wits and skills to navigate the storyline and determine the best course of action. Will they help the ghouls launch their rocket into the unknown? Or will they side with the humans of Novac and put an end to the ghouls’ plans?

No matter what path the player chooses, the storyline of Come Fly with Me is sure to leave a lasting impression. With its intriguing characters, complex moral choices, and exciting plot twists, it is a quest that will keep players engaged from start to finish.

Embark on a sky-high adventure and experience the captivating storyline of Come Fly with Me in Fallout New Vegas today.

Meet the Colorful Characters in Come Fly with Me

If you’re ready to embark on a sky-high adventure in Fallout New Vegas, then you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the colorful characters in Come Fly with Me. This quest takes you to the Repconn Aerospace Museum, where you’ll encounter a group of ghouls who are planning to take to the skies and leave the Mojave Wasteland behind.

First, there’s Chris Haversam, a quirky and enthusiastic ghoul who is thrilled to be a part of the mission. He’s the one who initially reaches out to the player character and asks for their help in getting the rockets up and running. Chris is also a bit of a conspiracy theorist, and he’s convinced that the government is hiding something at the museum.

Then there’s Jason Bright, the charismatic leader of the ghoul group. He’s the driving force behind the plan to leave Earth and search for a new home among the stars. Jason is calm and collected, and he has a way of convincing others to follow him no matter what. He also has a special item that’s essential to the success of the mission.

Of course, not all of the ghouls are on board with the plan. There’s Doctor Henry, a scientist who is skeptical of the mission and fears that it will end in disaster. There’s also Harland, a scavenger who is reluctant to abandon his life in the Wasteland. And then there’s Davison, a hostile ghoul who wants nothing more than to kill anyone who gets in his way.

Whether you choose to help the ghouls achieve their dream of space travel or decide to sabotage their mission, the characters in Come Fly with Me are sure to leave a lasting impression. So buckle up, and get ready for a wild ride!

Challenge Yourself with Come Fly with Me Quests


The Come Fly with Me questline in Fallout New Vegas is one of the most exciting and challenging quests in the game. It requires the player to take on various tasks and obstacles, including battling dangerous enemies and navigating through treacherous terrain.

The Quests

The Come Fly with Me questline consists of four quests. The first three quests involve investigating rumors of a strange cult and discovering the source of strange energy readings in the area. The final quest requires the player to help a group of ghouls launch a rocket into space.

  • The first quest, “Investigate the Rumors,” requires the player to speak with Manny Vargas in Novac and then investigate the REPCONN Test Site.
  • The second quest, “Still in the Dark,” involves working with the Brotherhood of Steel and the NCR to track down a group of missing ghouls.
  • The third quest, “Come Fly with Me,” requires the player to help the ghouls prepare for their rocket launch by gathering supplies and fighting off hostile enemies.
  • The final quest, “That Lucky Old Sun,” involves repairing a solar power plant to provide the ghouls with the energy they need to launch their rocket.

The Challenges

The Come Fly with Me questline offers a variety of challenges to the player. These challenges include fighting off hostile enemies, navigating through dangerous environments, and solving puzzles to progress through the quests.

  1. Combat: The player will encounter a variety of dangerous enemies throughout the questline, including feral ghouls, mutants, and robots.
  2. Environment: The player will need to navigate through various locations, including underground tunnels and the launch site itself, which are filled with traps and hazards.
  3. Puzzles: Several quests in the Come Fly with Me questline require the player to solve puzzles to progress. These puzzles may involve finding hidden items, decoding messages, or hacking computers.

Overall, the Come Fly with Me questline is a challenging and rewarding experience for players who enjoy a good adventure. It offers a variety of tasks, enemies, and puzzles to keep players engaged and entertained throughout the entire questline.

Get Ready to Take Off with Come Fly with Me Fallout New Vegas

Fallout New Vegas is a post-apocalyptic action-packed game that takes place in the Mojave Desert. As you traverse the game world, you come across various factions, quests, and challenges. One of the most thrilling quests in the game is ‘Come Fly with Me.’

The quest takes place in the REPCONN test site, where you meet a group of ghouls attempting to launch themselves into space. Your mission is to help them launch and assist them in any way possible. From repairing the rockets to fighting off the hostile forces in their way, you have to ensure that the launch is a success.

The quest offers a unique blend of humor, action, and storytelling, making it one of the most memorable experiences in Fallout New Vegas. The quirky characters and witty dialogue keep you engaged throughout the quest, while the soaring rockets and sky-high adventure keep you on the edge of your seat.

So, gear up, grab your weapons, and get ready to take off with Come Fly with Me Fallout New Vegas. It’s an adventure worth experiencing, and you wouldn’t want to miss it for the world.

Frequently Asked Question:

What is “Come fly with me fallout new vegas” about?

“Come fly with me” is a side quest in the Fallout: New Vegas game, where players are asked to investigate a group of ghouls who have taken control of a rocket ship at a nearby aerodrome.

What are ghouls in Fallout: New Vegas?

Ghouls are radioactive-damaged humans who have survived the nuclear war. They have a decaying appearance and varying levels of hostility towards other creatures.

How do I begin the “Come fly with me” quest?

You can begin the quest by speaking to Chris Haversam at the REPCONN test site. He will explain the situation with the ghouls and ask for your help.

What are the rewards for completing the “Come fly with me” quest?

Upon completion of the quest, you will receive experience points, caps, and the unique Gauss rifle, “The Antagonist.” You will also have the option to help establish a peaceful resolution between the ghouls and humans at the aerodrome.

Can I complete the “Come fly with me” quest without violence?

Yes, players have the option to negotiate a peaceful resolution between the ghouls and humans at the aerodrome.

Are there any notable characters in “Come fly with me” quest?

Yes, the quest features several memorable characters, including Jason Bright, the ghoul leader of the REPCONN rocket ship, Chris Haversam, a human who assists the ghouls, and Harland, a ghoul with a sad backstory.

What are some of the challenges in the “Come fly with me” quest?

Players will face several challenges in the quest, including navigating the maze-like REPCONN test site, dealing with hostile robots, and making difficult moral decisions about how to handle the situation with the ghouls.

How long does it take to complete the “Come fly with me” quest?

The length of time it takes to complete the quest depends on the player’s skill level and whether they choose to complete the quest peacefully or through violence. On average, the quest can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to complete.

What are some tips for completing the “Come fly with me” quest?

Some tips for completing the quest include stocking up on ammunition and healing items before heading to the aerodrome, utilizing stealth skills to avoid unnecessary combat, and speaking to all the characters involved in the quest to gain a better understanding of the situation.

Is “Come fly with me” quest necessary to complete the main storyline of Fallout: New Vegas?

No, the quest is entirely optional and does not have any impact on the main storyline. However, completing the quest can lead to some unique rewards and experiences for the player.

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