Discover the Epic Devil May Cry Series in Chronological Order: A Comprehensive Guide

Looking for the correct order to play through the Devil May Cry series? Look no further! Our guide breaks down the chronological order of all the games and where each one fits in the timeline. Get ready to slice and dice demons as you enjoy this beloved action-packed franchise in the order it was meant to be played.

Unlocking the Devil May Cry Universe: Your Ultimate Guide to Exploring the Epic Series in Chronological Order

Are you a fan of the action-packed Devil May Cry series? Have you always wanted to play the games in chronological order but did not know where to start? Look no further, as we have created a comprehensive guide for you to discover the epic Devil May Cry series in chronological order.

First released in 2001, Devil May Cry has become a fan-favorite for its intense fast-paced combat and unique storytelling. The series follows the adventures of Dante, a half-human, half-demon who battles evil forces to protect humanity.

In this guide, we will take you through each game in the series in chronological order. Starting with the prequel game, Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening, and continuing through the latest installment, Devil May Cry 5. Get ready to immerse yourself in the epic Devil May Cry universe and experience the thrill of the fight like never before. Let’s dive in!

Exploring the Epic Storyline

The Devil May Cry series has an intricate and complex storyline that spans over multiple games. The game’s antagonist, Mundus, rules over the demon realm and seeks to conquer the human world. The protagonist, Dante, is a half-human, half-demon known as a Nephilim. He is the son of Sparda, a powerful demon who defied Mundus to save humanity and was revered as a hero in the human world.

The series focuses on Dante’s quest to stop Mundus and his various minions from destroying humanity and ruling the world. Throughout the games, we see Dante face off against a range of enemies, including demons, fallen angels, and even his own brother, Vergil. There are also several plot twists and reveals that add to the complexity of the storyline and keep players engaged throughout the series.

The games also explore themes of family, betrayal, and redemption, as Dante navigates his relationships with other characters, including his brother Vergil and his estranged father Sparda. These themes provide emotional depth to the series and make the storyline more compelling.

Overall, the Devil May Cry series offers an engaging and epic storyline that is well worth exploring. From the origins of Dante and his father Sparda to the battle against Mundus and his minions, the series takes players on a thrilling ride through a rich and complex world of demons and heroes.

Chronological Order of the Series

The Devil May Cry series has a complex storyline that can be confusing for newcomers. To fully understand the story and appreciate each game’s context, it’s essential to play them in chronological order. Here is a comprehensive guide to the chronological order of the Devil May Cry series:

1. Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening

The first game in the chronological order is Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening. The game is set before the events of the first two games, where players take on the role of Dante, a demon hunter. In this game, Dante is younger and less experienced and tells the story of how he became the character we know today.

2. Devil May Cry: The Animated Series

The Devil May Cry: The Animated Series is set between the first and second game and features ten episodes that explore Dante’s daily life and his extensive family history. It is entirely optional to watch the show, but it provides extra context to the storyline.

3. Devil May Cry

The first game in the series is Devil May Cry. The game showcases Dante’s demon-hunting business and his battles against demons in a spooky gothic atmosphere. It is set after Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening and tells the story of Dante’s quest to stop Mundus, the demon king who killed his mother.

4. Devil May Cry 2

The second game in the series is Devil May Cry 2. It is set after the events of Devil May Cry and tells the story of Dante’s quest to stop Arius, a businessman who wants to use demonic power for personal gain.

5. Devil May Cry 4

The fourth game in the series is Devil May Cry 4. The game features a new character named Nero, who is a member of the Order of the Sword, dedicated to eradicating demons from the world. Dante, the protagonist from the previous games, also appears in this game. It is set after Devil May Cry 2.

6. Devil May Cry 5

The latest game in the series is Devil May Cry 5. The game is set several years after the events of Devil May Cry 4 and revolves around Dante, Nero, and a new character named V. The trio must team up to stop the demon king Urizen, who threatens to destroy the world.

Notable Characters and their Backstories

Devil May Cry series is known for its stylish characters and intense battles. Here are some of the most notable characters and their backstories.


The protagonist of the series, Dante is a half-demon, half-human who runs a demon-hunting business called Devil May Cry. He is motivated by his desire to avenge his family’s murder by demons, and he possesses incredible combat abilities and mastery over his demonic powers. He is known for his cocky attitude and love for pizza.


Dante’s twin brother, Vergil is also a half-demon, half-human. Unlike Dante, Vergil is more reserved and serious, and he seeks to gain more power in order to avenge their family’s death and to surpass Dante. He wields a powerful katana called Yamato, and possesses incredible sword-fighting skills.


Nero is a young demon hunter who is first introduced in Devil May Cry 4. He is revealed to be the son of Vergil, and has inherited some of his father’s demonic powers. Nero is known for wielding a powerful sword called the Red Queen, and he has a robotic arm called Devil Breaker, which he can use to unleash powerful attacks.


Trish is a demon who first appears in the original Devil May Cry. She is initially sent to kill Dante, but eventually becomes his ally and friend. She possesses powerful electric and lightning-based abilities, and wields a powerful weapon called the Sparda.


Lady is a demon hunter who also first appears in Devil May Cry 3. She is initially an enemy of Dante but eventually becomes his ally. She is skilled in the use of firearms and explosives, and has a vendetta against demons due to her father’s death at the hands of demons.

Table of Characters and their Appearances

Character First Appearance Appearances
Dante Devil May Cry Multiple games and media
Vergil Devil May Cry 3 Multiple games and media
Nero Devil May Cry 4 Devil May Cry 4, Devil May Cry 5
Trish Devil May Cry Multiple games and media
Lady Devil May Cry 3 multiple games and media

Gameplay and Combat Mechanics

The Devil May Cry series is known for its fast-paced and stylish combat that combines high-octane action with deep and complex mechanics. Each game in the series features a unique set of combat systems that allow players to experiment with different weapons, abilities, and strategies.

The core mechanics of the series revolve around the use of combos, where players can chain together attacks to deal massive damage to enemies. Players are encouraged to mix up their attacks and use different weapons to create stylish and impressive combos that not only look great but also earn bonus points.

In addition to combos, each game in the series introduces new gameplay mechanics that add depth and complexity to the combat system. For example, Devil May Cry 3 introduces the Style system, which allows players to switch between different combat styles that offer unique abilities and combos. Meanwhile, Devil May Cry 5 introduces the Devil Breaker system, which gives players access to a variety of mechanized arms that offer new ways to attack enemies and interact with the environment.

Overall, the Devil May Cry series is a challenging and engaging action game that offers a deep and rewarding gameplay experience for fans of the genre. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the series, there’s always something new to discover and master in the world of Devil May Cry.

The Legacy and Impact of Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry, released in 2001 by Capcom, marked a new era of action games. It introduced the world to the stylish and fast-paced combat system of the series, setting a benchmark for future action games.

The game also gave birth to a new character in gaming, Dante, who has become an iconic figure in gaming culture. His design, personality, and attitude have made him one of the most recognizable characters in the gaming world.

Devil May Cry’s impact can be seen in its influence on other games. Many games have adopted its style of action gameplay, such as Bayonetta, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, and Nier: Automata.

The series has also been recognized for its music, composed by the legendary Hideki Kamiya. The soundtrack’s mix of techno, rock, and orchestral elements perfectly complements the game’s style and atmosphere.

Overall, Devil May Cry has left an indelible mark on the gaming industry. Its legacy has inspired countless developers to strive for excellence in action gameplay, character design, and music composition. The series continues to live on with new releases, remasters, and merchandise, cementing its place as a true gaming icon.

Frequently Asked Question:

What is the order of the Devil May Cry series?

The order of the Devil May Cry series is as follows: Devil May Cry 3, Devil May Cry, Devil May Cry 2, Devil May Cry 4, and Devil May Cry 5.

What is Devil May Cry series about?

Devil May Cry series is about a demon hunter named Dante who battles supernatural forces to save humanity from evil forces.

Who created the Devil May Cry series?

The Devil May Cry series was created by Hideki Kamiya, who is also known for creating the Resident Evil series.

How many games are in the Devil May Cry series?

There are five games in the Devil May Cry series.

Is the Devil May Cry series worth playing?

Yes, the Devil May Cry series is definitely worth playing for its fast-paced action, engaging storyline, and memorable characters.

What platforms can I play the Devil May Cry series on?

The Devil May Cry series is available on various platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

Are the Devil May Cry games interconnected?

Yes, the Devil May Cry games are interconnected, with each game building upon the events of the previous ones.

What is the most popular game in the Devil May Cry series?

The most popular game in the Devil May Cry series is Devil May Cry 3, which is considered by many to be one of the best action games of all time.

Who is Dante, the protagonist of the Devil May Cry series?

Dante is a half-human, half-demon demon hunter who possesses incredible strength, speed, and agility, as well as a wide range of powerful abilities and techniques.

When was the first Devil May Cry game released?

The first Devil May Cry game was released in 2001 for the PlayStation 2.

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