Complete Guide to Me2 Thane Loyalty Mission: Walkthrough, Tips, and Strategies

Meta-description: Discover the thrilling Me2 loyalty mission of Thane and follow Commander Shepard in saving the galaxy from the Reapers. Join the fight and experience intense battles, spectacular graphics, and a compelling storyline in this must-play game for every Mass Effect fan!

Master the Me2 Thane Loyalty Mission with our Complete Guide: Walkthrough, Tips, and Strategies


If you’re a fan of the Mass Effect series, you already know the importance of loyalty missions. These missions offer a chance to deepen your relationship with squad members and allow you to unlock powerful bonuses for your team. One such mission that players often find challenging is Thane Krios’s mission in Mass Effect 2. Thane is a skilled assassin and a valuable addition to your squad, making it essential to complete his mission successfully. In this article, we’ll provide a complete guide to Thane’s loyalty mission, including a walkthrough, tips, and strategies to help you complete it with ease.

Mission Overview

Thane’s loyalty mission takes place in the crowded city of Illium, where you discover that a group of assassins is targeting him. Your mission is to track down and eliminate these assassins while making sure that Thane survives. You will have to investigate potential leads, fight off hostile foes, and make decisions that will determine Thane’s fate. Completing this mission will grant you Thane’s unwavering loyalty, and you’ll be one step closer to completing the full roster of loyal squad members in the game.


The first step in completing the mission is to talk to Detective Anaya on Illium and accept the assignment. You’ll then need to investigate the crime scene, interview witnesses and gather information to find Thane’s would-be assassins. As you progress through the mission, you’ll face various challenges, including combat, hacking terminals, and decisions that will impact the outcome of the mission.

Tips and Strategies

Thane’s mission can be challenging, but it is manageable with the right strategy and preparation. It’s essential to bring the right squad members with you, optimize your weapons and abilities, and make wise decisions throughout the mission. We’ll provide specific tips and strategies to help you navigate each part of the mission successfully.

Overview of the Mission

The loyalty mission for Thane Krios, one of the crew members on the Normandy, involves helping him deal with his son’s assassination attempts and his obligation to seek vengeance against the individuals responsible. The mission takes place on the Citadel and involves infiltrating a high-security area of the hospital where the targets are being treated.

Players will need to be stealthy and clever in order to successfully navigate the hospital and avoid detection. Thane will accompany the player throughout the mission, providing guidance and insight into the situation.

The mission is known for its emotional impact, as Thane grapples with the morality of seeking vengeance and the potential consequences it may have. Players will need to make choices that will affect Thane’s outcome, as well as the relationships with other crew members.

  • Location: Citadel Hospital
  • Companion: Thane Krios
  • Objective: Investigate assassination attempts on Thane’s son and deal with the involved individuals
  • Key Challenges: Stealth, moral decision-making

Preparing for the Mission

Before heading out on the Thane Loyalty Mission in Mass Effect 2, it is essential to ensure that your squad and equipment are ready for battle.

First, make sure to choose the appropriate squad members. Thane’s Loyalty Mission takes place on an enemy ship, so having squad members with strong combat abilities will be crucial. Consider bringing along characters like Garrus, Grunt, or Zaeed.

Next, upgrade your weapons and armor. The enemies in the Loyalty Mission will be heavily armed and dangerous, so be sure to equip your team with the best gear available. It may also be helpful to invest in upgrades like weapon mods and biotic amps.

Finally, prepare your team for the mission objectives. Thane’s Loyalty Mission involves both combat and stealth sequences, so it’s essential to prepare for both scenarios. Make sure your team is proficient in both combat and tech abilities, as well as tactics like cover usage and movement speed.

Thane’s Recruitment and Loyalty

Thane Krios is one of the recruitable characters in Mass Effect 2. A Drell, he is a skilled assassin who can be found on Illium in Nos Astra. Thane can be recruited by speaking to him at his location in the city after completing the quest “Dossier: The Assassin”.

To gain Thane’s loyalty, you must complete his loyalty mission “Dossier: The Assassin”. This mission involves tracking down an individual named Nassana Dantius and killing her, as she is responsible for the death of Thane’s wife and son. The mission takes place on the planet of the Citadel, and it is recommended to complete it as soon as possible to gain Thane’s loyalty early in the game.

Like all characters in Mass Effect 2, Thane has a unique loyalty power that can be unlocked. His power, “Shredder Ammo”, enhances weapon damage and penetrates enemy armor, making him a valuable asset in combat. Additionally, gaining Thane’s loyalty is necessary for achieving the “No One Left Behind” achievement, which requires that all crew members survive the final mission.

Thane’s backstory and development throughout the game make him an interesting character to get to know. He is a devoutly religious individual who struggles with the morality of his profession as an assassin, and his loyalty mission allows for further exploration of his character. Building a strong relationship with Thane can provide valuable insight and assistance in the game’s final battles.

Walkthrough: Completing Thane’s Loyalty Mission

Critical Path

Thane’s loyalty mission, “Sins of the Father”, becomes available after completing the Horizon mission and completing at least one other loyalty mission. To start the mission, talk to Thane in the Main Battery room of the Normandy. He will inform you that someone is trying to kill his son, Kolyat, and he needs your help to find out who is responsible.

The mission itself involves traveling to several different locations, including the Citadel and the Dantius Towers on Illium. During your investigations, you will encounter a group of assassins and eventually discover that Kolyat is the killer. You then have the choice of either letting him go or turning him over to C-Sec.

Regardless of your choice, you will need to return to the Normandy and talk to Thane to complete the mission and earn his loyalty.

Tips and Strategies

  • Make sure to bring a well-rounded squad with you, as there will be plenty of combat encounters throughout the mission.
  • Investigate all of the available leads and gather as much information as possible before confronting Kolyat to ensure that you make an informed decision.
  • If you choose to let Kolyat go, keep in mind that this may impact Thane’s loyalty and ultimately affect the final outcome of the game.
  • Be prepared for a difficult boss battle at the end of the mission, as you will face off against a powerful enemy in a confined space.


Completing Thane’s loyalty mission is a crucial part of the Mass Effect 2 experience. It not only provides insight into Thane’s character and backstory, but also impacts the overall outcome of the game.

By following the walkthrough and taking the time to gather information and make informed decisions, you can ensure that Thane remains loyal to you and that the final outcome of the game is a positive one.

Tips and Strategies for Success

1. Upgrade Your Weapons

Before starting the mission, make sure to upgrade your weapons as much as possible. This will give you an edge when facing Thane’s enemies. Also, don’t forget to bring along a powerful sniper rifle for long-range attacks.

2. Choose Your Squad Members Wisely

Take the time to consider which squad members will be the most useful for this mission. Consider bringing someone like Garrus, who is a skilled sniper and can help cover you during battles. Also, be sure to choose characters who have strong biotic or tech abilities that can deal a lot of damage to Thane’s enemies.

3. Use Cover to Your Advantage

In combat, use cover to your advantage. Stick to walls, pillars, and other objects to avoid enemy fire. When possible, flank your enemies to get a better shot at them. Remember, it’s always better to stay alive and take your time than to rush into a fight and risk getting killed.

4. Customize Thane’s Skills

Thane is a valuable member of your team during this mission, so make sure to customize his skills before starting. Adjust his weapons and abilities to fit your squad’s overall strategy and make him more effective in battle.

5. Take Your Time

This mission can be challenging, so take your time and be patient. Explore the areas thoroughly and search for any hidden items that can help you during fights. Don’t be afraid to retreat and regroup if things get too tough.

6. Use Medi-Gel Sparingly

Medi-gel is a valuable resource during battles, so use it sparingly. Reserve it for when you really need it, such as when a squad member has gone down or when you’re facing a particularly tough enemy.

Frequently Asked Question:

What is Me2 Thane loyalty mission about?

Me2 Thane loyalty mission involves helping Thane Krios, an assassin, deal with a personal matter related to his son’s kidnapping.

How do I start Me2 Thane loyalty mission?

To start Me2 Thane loyalty mission, you need to speak with Thane when he’s onboard the Normandy after recruiting him. He’ll inform you that his son has been kidnapped, and from there, the mission will begin.

What is the significance of Me2 Thane loyalty mission in the game?

Me2 Thane loyalty mission is significant because it helps deepen the relationship between the player and Thane, providing insight into his past and giving players a chance to experience his unique character development.

What kind of enemies do you face during Me2 Thane loyalty mission?

During Me2 Thane loyalty mission, you’ll face off against a group of mercenaries known as the Blue Suns, along with a powerful Krogan warlord named Kolyat.

What are the rewards for completing Me2 Thane loyalty mission?

Completing Me2 Thane loyalty mission will reward players with Thane’s loyalty, which unlocks his unique combat abilities and loyalty power. Additionally, players will receive experience points and credits.

What decisions do you face during Me2 Thane loyalty mission?

During Me2 Thane loyalty mission, players are faced with several decisions, including whether to kill or spare Kolyat, how to handle Thane’s grief, and whether to execute the Blue Suns leader or hand him over to the authorities.

How long does it take to complete Me2 Thane loyalty mission?

The length of time it takes to complete Me2 Thane loyalty mission can vary depending on the player’s playstyle and difficulty settings. On average, it takes around 30-45 minutes to complete.

What are some tips for completing Me2 Thane loyalty mission?

To complete Me2 Thane loyalty mission, it’s recommended that players bring a well-balanced squad, make use of cover, and take advantage of Thane’s unique abilities and loyalty power. Additionally, players should be prepared to make difficult decisions that will impact Thane’s character development.

Will completing Me2 Thane loyalty mission affect the game’s ending?

Like all loyalty missions in Mass Effect 2, completing Me2 Thane loyalty mission will have an impact on the game’s ending. Having Thane’s loyalty will increase the chances of a successful outcome in the final mission and can also affect the epilogue.

What is the emotional tone of Me2 Thane loyalty mission?

Me2 Thane loyalty mission has a somber and emotional tone, as it deals with themes of grief, loss, and family. Thane’s character arc throughout the mission is also quite poignant, making it a memorable experience for players.

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